Idoleyes – Aurovine

Idoleyes – AurovineAn artist influenced by rap music in the 90’s. Experiments in styles ranging from Westcoast, New York, and southern rap.


Aurovine New Features – Press Release

Latest news on our widgets Mi2N press release here

We’ve also added label integration – Find out more here

You can now also login with facebook and earn badges and rewards just by using the site. Check out the tab at the bottom of our homepage

Aurovine announce $1000 artist accelerator competition

aurovine $1000 artist accelerator

The Aurovine $1000 Accelerator Award has been specially devised to help independent artists who perform well in the aurovine charts and includes a CD package, stage banner, paid promotional package, press release and band badges.

What is the prize?

The winner will receive:

  • A full cd package of 250 professionally duplicated CD’d in full colour printed card wallets (value $637 or £410) in association with Gillies Audio
  • A full colour stage banner size 3ft x 6ft with your band/artist custom design (value $109 or £70) in association with Gillies Audio
  • A full bespoke press release to promote your release or to promote you as an artist (value $78 or £50)
  • A professional PR Gold promotional package courtesy of Mi2N (value $69.95 or £45)
  • A package of 50 x 1″ metal pin badges with your artist/bands custom design (value $31 or £20)
  • 2 days social networking promotion (value $75 or £50)

How do artists/bands enter?

Any artist registered with Aurovine before August 12th, 2012 will automatically be entered into the accelerator programme competition. Artists can register here

How do artists/bands earn points?

Points will be counted from midnight on August 12th until midnight on September 30th, 2012

For every 5 full streams artists recieve 1 point

For every free download artists recieve 2 points

For every paid download artists recieve 12 points

The winner of the package will be the artist at the top of the Aurovine charts on September 30th, 2012

Points will be accrued from August 12th at midnight but the first accelerator charts will be published here on August 17th at 9pm

Aurovine Music Charts Now Live!

Aurovine’s first dynamic chart is now live. The charts are compiled on track popularity across the site.

The chart is constantly updating but ‘snapshots’ will be taken on a weekly basis for syndication to music blogs and websites.

Currently at no.1 is the exclusive remix of Colour, Movement, Sex & Violence by legendary Factory band Section 25.

See the full chart here.

Did Google and SEO really remove the quality from music?

Amanda Palmer raised $1m via Kickstarter

After reading Stephen Carmichael’s article at Music Think Tank  you may be excused for thinking that quality in music doesn’t really matter anymore – but he completely misses the point and in the process attaches populist logic to issues that really don’t have much to do with music or the music industry.

Carmichael asserts that music is now about entertainment and not about quality. Strange in a week when one of the most overhyped ‘talent’ shows on TV has a winner who struggles to sell enough tracks to get into the top 50!!

The effect of the internet is very powerful but I’d argue that (as far as the music industry is concerned) – its main purpose is as a marketing and delivery platform.

The main difference of course is the way the internet has (in combination with advancing technology) destroyed the archaic structure of a bloated music industry by transferring control of once exploitative and clandestine systems to the people who really matter (i.e. the artists and fans).

So whether it is recording, collaborating, brand building, press releases, blogging, database creation, seo, adwords (both search and display advertising), email marketing or intelligent fan engagement, Google and the digital ether is merely a tool to be exploited.

The question of music existing as short term entertainment is one for society not the internet. TV talent shows and youtube viral hits tend to be bland or amusing at the point of delivery but have an ‘instant gratification’ factor more in tune with our superficial culture than as a topic for serious music industry debate.

The internet works for companies, artists and fans. The secret is using it in a way that is both innovative and interesting. I’m betting internet savvy artists old (The Arctic Monkeys) and new (Amanda Palmer)  wouldn’t take too kindly to the suggestion that music isn’t about quality anymore.

Aurovine Interface Nearing Completion

With the finishing touches being made to our interface, I thought i’d share a few screenshots on the blog. We’re starting to see some really positive beta tests following the last few months of development. We’re a small but dedicated team with a passion for our system. Our system is the golden ticket which solves the eternal question of how to make both artists and fans happy.

We’ve integrated social feeds such as twitter and facebook into the artist pages:
Aurovine social media widgets

Our album slider enables fans to quickly search thorugh the artists releases:
aurovine album slider - beta

Clicking on an album presents the fans with a fully descriptive album page, enabling streaming of each track. Here the full album or individual tracks can be purchased:
aurovine artist album page - beta

The artists can design these pages with custom colours, headers, backgrounds and feeds:
aurovine artist interface - beta

We’ll be inviting our first batch of artists to the beta test programme on Monday 23rd April. The site is launched on May 11th.

Will digital save music?

digital music ipod

There’s an uneasy tension in the digital music marketplace. Rumblings of unrest with streaming services such as Spotify, new platforms emerging empowering the people that matter i.e the artists and fans, CD sales plummeting and piracy (both in execution and attempted control) still a major issue.

Perhaps a tentative pointer to the future of the industry was the RIAA announcement that sales were on the up for the first time in over a decade. As ever the devil is in the detail.

Digital sales were up by 25% at 1.1 billion dollars while (more worryingly) subscription services were up 13% to $241 million.
The perplexing battle for control between the heavyweight music industry platforms (such as Spotify) and the more ethical services offering fairer accounting models is at the crux of the issue.

Ultimately, both models may survive but it is highly likely that useability, early technology adoption and development may prove more important than artist rosters. Getting a ‘deal’ is increasingly being seen as ridiculous and crass.

While stopping short of becoming an out and out revolution the situation does bear some resemblance to year zero when punk battled with the bloated industry and came out the other side semi-victorious having altered the landscape irrevocably.

2012 will be an interesting year, a veritable gold rush for developers, muso’s, hacks, pimps and thieves. The fittest and most intelligent will survive unless battered into submission by the old guard. Blood may well be spilled.

Source of data: Business Review USA