Aurovine Announce Widgets, Players, Label Integration And Social Features

As part of our ongoing development programme we have announced new features this week.

Aurovine Widgets

We’re delighted to release our music player widgets ahead of schedule. Many of our competitors who have been around a lot longer than us still don’t offer this feature. Our artists have reached out to us and they’ve told us they want promotion and they don’t want to pay for it. We already pay our artists the best rates on the web but we agree that this isn’t enough. We’ll be rolling out our free viral marketing system in the next few months and the first stage of that is our widget integration.

Our widgets are automatically created for all our artists and they can even promote individual tracks or whole albums. The widgets are iframe based and can be used with Facebook, WordPress, Joomla and all html sites. All the widgets are free for everyone. If you have 100 tracks you’ll get 100 free widgets.

We have 2 colour themes ready now and we’ll be introducing more sizes and themes as our development work continues.

An example of the widgets in action is shown above. You can also view one as part of a web-page here

We’ve grown rapidly since launching in May and now host over 1500 tracks.

Our feedback shows that this is what bands and fans have been waiting for and the more features we add, the more sign-ups we are getting. People see us as fellow fans and appreciated we are trying to level the playing field for everyone.

There’s a lot of pent up anger surrounding the streaming services out there and we’ve provided a solution to an industry struggling to come to terms with its own evolution.

Aurovine Social

Aurovine Social Login

We also have our first social login facility for fans. They can collect badges and kudos just by listening to tracks and sharing links socially. Fans can log into the system via Facebook on the homepage.

Another feature coming in ahead of schedule is our label integration. Independent labels can now take advantage of Aurovine’s groundbreaking innovations and manage all their artists from one login. More details here.

Aurovine’s Start A Label Initiative

Another remarkable feature will come as a big boost to students, graduates and music fans looking to survive during our crippling recession. Aurovine have introduced an initiative for individuals or small companies to launch their own record label. All the setup costs are free and they can start earning straight away. More information on the system can be found here.


Aurovine Launch First Full Version Of Website

Aurovine today issued a press release via MusicDish Mi2N announcing the first full version of their website. In Beta development since May 22nd the site offers a new way for artists and fans to interact whilst offering the best artist payouts on the web. Visit the new Aurovine site here.

Aurovine_Homepage - Music Downloads, Artist Promotion, Discover New Music

Launch date confirmed as May 11th launch
Well we’re well on the way to our launch on May 11th. The private beta is functioning. We have a great launch idea to be press released this weekend and a video promo to go with it. We’ve also modified our tag line to ‘Loved by Bands, Empowering Fans’!

I heard it through the aurovine!

Aurovine launches based on experience from Midem

The music industry has totally transformed from a few years ago and we’ve been developing a system that we think will revolutionize the way bands and fans interact (and more importantly maximize their income). Gone are the days when labels and promotion agencies could take a big percentage of the fruits of an artists graft.

In a nutshell, bands and artists want to see the maximum return on their music. They want promotion and they don’t mind giving the odd track away as a sampler. Fans want to buy the music but they want to pay what they want, get stuff free and more importantly have meaningful interaction with the bands.

Aurovine launches based on experience from Midem

We researched worldwide including visits to Midem and SXSW

  • We’ll be giving the best royalty on the web to our artists.
  • We’ll be none exclusive (Artists are free to sell elsewhere)
  • We’ll be transparent (Artists have direct control of pricing and sales figures).
  • We’ll be label friendly – so no problem for bands already signed.
  • We’ll be devoting a considerable amount of time to promoting our artists (through our genre charts and specialist recommendations)
  • We’ll have an uber cool interface. Fans will love interacting with the site.
  • We are UK based and aim to be the premier site for labels, media and sync licensing companies to find the best new music.

We are launching on March 31st. To register your interest please visit