Aurovine Interface Nearing Completion

With the finishing touches being made to our interface, I thought i’d share a few screenshots on the blog. We’re starting to see some really positive beta tests following the last few months of development. We’re a small but dedicated team with a passion for our system. Our system is the golden ticket which solves the eternal question of how to make both artists and fans happy.

We’ve integrated social feeds such as twitter and facebook into the artist pages:
Aurovine social media widgets

Our album slider enables fans to quickly search thorugh the artists releases:
aurovine album slider - beta

Clicking on an album presents the fans with a fully descriptive album page, enabling streaming of each track. Here the full album or individual tracks can be purchased:
aurovine artist album page - beta

The artists can design these pages with custom colours, headers, backgrounds and feeds:
aurovine artist interface - beta

We’ll be inviting our first batch of artists to the beta test programme on Monday 23rd April. The site is launched on May 11th.


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