Midem 2012 one liner

Midem 2012

My favourite soundbite from Midem 2012

“Technology enables the radical empowerment of consumers.” Hallelujah



I heard it through the aurovine!

Aurovine launches based on experience from Midem

The music industry has totally transformed from a few years ago and we’ve been developing a system that we think will revolutionize the way bands and fans interact (and more importantly maximize their income). Gone are the days when labels and promotion agencies could take a big percentage of the fruits of an artists graft.

In a nutshell, bands and artists want to see the maximum return on their music. They want promotion and they don’t mind giving the odd track away as a sampler. Fans want to buy the music but they want to pay what they want, get stuff free and more importantly have meaningful interaction with the bands.

Aurovine launches based on experience from Midem

We researched worldwide including visits to Midem and SXSW

  • We’ll be giving the best royalty on the web to our artists.
  • We’ll be none exclusive (Artists are free to sell elsewhere)
  • We’ll be transparent (Artists have direct control of pricing and sales figures).
  • We’ll be label friendly – so no problem for bands already signed.
  • We’ll be devoting a considerable amount of time to promoting our artists (through our genre charts and specialist recommendations)
  • We’ll have an uber cool interface. Fans will love interacting with the site.
  • We are UK based and aim to be the premier site for labels, media and sync licensing companies to find the best new music.

We are launching on March 31st. To register your interest please visit www.aurovine.com